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Motorcycle Auctions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a website where members can access resources, databases, and search sites to get information about online auctions and live auctions of motorcycles, cars, trucks, boats, aircraft, real estate, and other seized, surplus, and assorted goods.

How much does it cost to become a member?
For $39.95, you can purchase 1 full year of access to our Members' Area, where you can instantly access all of the databases, resources, and search sites that we have listed.

Is there a guarantee?
Yes. If you are not delighted with your membership to our site, just request a refund within 30 days of purchas and we will refund to you in full.

I have questions about the auction process. Can you help me?
We have published many articles on the subject of auctions, so your question might already be answered there. However, if you do not see the answer to your question, feel free to contact us for support.

Can I really get a motorcycle for $100?
The starting price of many motorcycle auctions is $100, and therefore if you are the only bidder, you would be able to obtain the motorcycle for that price. However, there are usually other bidders in any auction. We've found that by searching several different auction sites at the same time you can often find under-attended auctions and pick up better deals than if you only look at one auction. In our Members' Area you can find links to all the auction sites, and it will become clear there.

Are brand new motorcycles ever sold in the auctions?
Generally, no. Seized auctions are by definition vehicles that were used by someone who then got in trouble with the law, the tax authorities, or financial institutions, and this resulted in their vehicles getting seized and auctioned off. Usually you won't find brand new vehicles being auctioned, but sometimes there are late model vehicles with very low miles.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions?
You may contact us here. We're standing by ready to help any way we can. Thanks!

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